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In memory of Esmeralda Chaya Bat Rahel z”l

Who are we?


Daily Halacha Classes at 6:00am in the morning prior to Shachrit.  Daily 5 minutes Halacha Experience prior to concluding Shachrit. Morning series with breakfast including daily limud of Hok LeYsrael. Daily Morning Daf Yomi Classes. Daily Guemara Havruta Program. Daily Shiur of Halachot pertaining to different parts of the day. Daily Shiurim between Mincha and Arvit on various topics. Opportunities for individual learning at night. Daily Humash and ethics classes in Spanish. French Guemara Class twice a week. Adolecent weekly dinner and Shiur with relevant youth topics. Shabat Shiurim and more at Hechal Shalom Or Oziel Synagogue Surfside Fl.

Learn who we are?

We invite you to partake in our young and dynamic community. Located in Surfside, Florida now home to Jews of all Sephardic backgrounds. A short walk to many kosher restaurants, a kosher supermarket, the beach, hotels and more. The community is blessed to have young professional families devoted to its growth and constant assistance to all its needs. We look forward to your involvement and allow us to celebrate jointly your events and ours. We have classes geared to all ages on a daily basis, and without a double, it is the wish of our board members to assure the spiritual growth of our community, Hechal Shalom Or Oziel Sephardic Synagogue Surfside Fl.


Hechal Shalom invests in the wellbeing of our Sephardic Community by preserving our Moroccan liturgy and customs, assuring the spiritual growth of all the members of our community with daily/weekly classes, and maintaining daily prayer services. The community prides itself in the emphasis given to our children and adolescents. We recently started a Youth Minyan which directs our children in the way of our Fathers. Hechal Shalom Or Oziel Synagogue Surfside Fl serves as a Bet Midrash, with assorted number o shiurim and classes. We are lucky to rejoice throughout the year with many events that cater to our members – of all ages -.


The most important aspect of Hechal Shalom Or Oziel Synagogue Surfside Fl lies in the wellbeing of our youth. Once you join our community, the level of commitment that is shown to our youth will be overwhelmingly evident. Thank a group of members of our community, we have created a beautiful Children’s Library that serves to enrich the knowledge of our precious kids. We started a Weekly Youth Minyan with a learning program before Shacharit followed by a Minyan geared for our children. Avot Ubanim programs, Choir Programs, Girl’s Programs, Bar Mitzva Lessons and Adolescent Shiurim are only but a sample of what you will experience when you join this vibrant community.

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We would like to wish a Hearty Mazal Tov to our Dear Rebetzin Michal Oziel on the upcoming marriage of Her Dear Daughter Yael to Yosef Pinchasi. They should be Zoche to build a Bayit Neeman Beyisrael Amen! Mazal Tov to the Families!

For those who did not do Birkat Halebana, this Mosae Shabbat is the last night.

The Fast of 17th of Tamuz is this Tuesday July 23rd

  • Fast Starts: 5:26 am
  • Fast Ends: 8:49 pm