Our Programs

We are always proud to announce the large range of programs dedicated to everyone in your family. These programs include Avot Ubanim (Father & Son), Choir, a Bnos Girls program, Women’s & Men’s Programs, Family Programs, and much much more… Look here constantly to be informed of our next event!

Avot Ubanim Program


Avot Ubanim

Our Avot Ubanim program is a very exciting program for children geared at teaching our Children to learn our Sephardic Heritage of tunes which they lack since they learn in Ashkenazic Schools. Our Avot Ubanim leader Dr. Ronny Aquinin is loved by the Children and throughout the Year they learn tunes to Lecha Dodi, Rau Banim etc. During the month of Ellul the children are taught the different parts of Selihot in order that like in previous Years on Yom Kippur the children will sing the Selihot on Yom Kippur. We offer Prizes in Avot Ubanim & Pizza or Snacks for the Children. It is geared for Boys ages 5 & Above.

(+Video):  Learning Pirke Avot. Kids Singing on Avot Ubanim Program, CLICK HERE

Girls Program

The Girls of the Community also enjoy a once a month Girls program around Rosh Hodesh. Usually, they have very creative & Fun ideas ranging from either Arts & Crafts, Dancing, making Jewellery, Cookies, Sufganiyot etc. It is ranged for Girls ages 6 & above and they recite Tehillim or Tefila as well. Usually, they are served Pizza for Lunch.

Girls Program Hechal Shalom

 Sunday Night Teenager Program

Sunday Night Teenager Program

We thank Hashem to our great success in guiding our Teens. The Teenager Program is geared to Teenagers, ages Bar Mitzvah & above, on a Weekly Basis. We have a designated person that teaches the Boys Halachot, Hashkafa, & they speak about very interesting subjects while enjoying their Supper. This is the time when they get to have a connection with their Spiritual leader. We have more than 10 Boys on a weekly basis. We order a large quantity of different food from Backyard, Cine Citta, Karne Kosher Restaurant in Aventura, etc. Occasionally, we have a Boys night out by our Dear friend Richard Moore who offers them a BBQ at his house and swimming in his large pool.

Spanish Shiur

The Elders of our community have enjoyed for many years a Shiur in Spanish from Mondays to Thursdays by our esteemed Rabbi Tenebaum. They are taught for an hour either Parashat Hashavua, Gemara, or other relevant topics. The Shiur is usually before Minha and during the winter between Minha & Arvit. Rabbi Tenenbaum speaks to their level with many interesting stories.

Spanish Shiur Miami

Choir Hechal Shalom

The Choir

The Choir started by the inituitave of our in house Paytan Ronen Cohen beautifully started with many boys geared to teaching them tunes & Morrocan singing. It started on Tuesday afternoons & has now evolved to teaching the Boys the same concepts currently in Avot ubanim.

Nighty Shiurim

Every evening from Monday through Thursday the Community enjoys Shiurim on many different topics by an invited Rabbi. The topics change per season. For example, during Elul, they will learn about Teshuvah etc. During Shovavim we learn either Hilchot Niddah or Yichud etc. We usually serve Refreshments for the Shiurim.

Night Shiurim Hechal Shalom

French Shiur Hechal Shalom

French Shiur

The French speakers enjoy twice a week Classes in French. They are given by our Esteemed French speaking Rabbis who teach Masehet Berachot to learn how to learn

Mishmar Program

Every other Thursday night, the men of the community enjoy their time by having an interesting Shiur with Supper. Usually, the Supper is a Cholent made by our Chef Abraham Benhayoun, or a Spicy Tunisian Cholent by our Tunisian Chef Philipe Cohen, or Supper from around the corner. They enjoy Supper with their ice-cold beers. The Shiur is for an hour on many different interesting topics ranging from The Halachot of Self defence, The Kosher Switch in Halacha, and more

Mishmar Hechal Shalom