Dear Kehilla.

It is with great pleasure that we hereby announce the candidates for the new board 2024-2025. We are extremely grateful to all of them for considering this most worthy of tasks.

As you are all aware, most of the work that surrounds this community has been carried almost single-handed by our dear Rabbi Elmaleh over his ten-year tenure. Arnaud and myself have been around to help him during these years in all areas that the Rabbi considered necessary. Arnaud and I will remain as part of the upcoming board to assist with transition, and flow. We look forward to passing on our responsibilities to the board as the year evolves and allow for vacancy of our spots for the future year.

We jointly believe that our presence in the 2024-2025 board will serve to add efficiency and better implementation of the items we all seek to improve and assist with.

Please make sure to vote. We will count/tabulate the votes next Wednesday night and announce the New Board next Shabbat as we welcome Hanukkah.

The list of candidates amounts to 11. We hereby ask that you choose 5 candidates, and those with highest counts will join me and Arnaud in completing a 7 member community board.

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