Dear Friends:

Throughout our precious history, there have been many customs and traditions implemented by the numerous Jewish communities throughout the world. One of these traditions, due to its importance, and years in existence, has transcended all geographical boundaries, and has been a part of the pre-High Holiday rituals throughout the Jewish world: the ritual of “Kapparot” of atonement for the members of our families.

This ritual consisted of the ritual slaughter of a chicken, as atonement for any transgression made during the previous year. As the years passed, our Hachamim in their infinite wisdom instituted another way to “atone”.

Tzedaka in the same value of a chicken would be given in place of the animal and the same result would be achieved.

It is in this manner, that we would like to accommodate our community, in the ritual of the Kapparot for the year 5780. This is done for your convenience and as a time-saving option.

If you wish to have the kapparot done for you and your family, please include the following:

• Payment of $18.00 per member of the household
• If there is a pregnant woman, $54.00 covers the unborn child and mother (the custom is due to the fact that we do not know if it will be a boy or girl we give for both)
• Include a list of the family members (name of the person together with the mother’s name) to be included in the kapparot.

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Please submit this form as soon as possible and make checks payable to Ness 26 Inc.

Tizku Leshanim Rabot Neimot Vetovot!