$2000 Monthly
Sponsors the Months various Shiurim on different topics.


$613 Weekly
Sponsors one weeks learning. For Leiluy Nishmat, Refuah Shelema etc.


$350 Monthly
Shabbat Communal Kiddush includes Hamin/Adafina with Fish, Salads, Beer & Refreshments.


$180 Daily
Sponsor the Daily Learning for any occasion.

Additional information:

Hechal Shalom invests in the wellbeing of our Sephardic Community by preserving our Moroccan liturgy, assuring the spiritual growth of our community with daily classes, and maintaining daily prayer services. The community prides itself in the emphasis given to our children and adolescents. Our Synagogue serves as a Bet Midrash, under the guidance of our own dynamic and vibrant Rabbi. We are lucky to rejoice throughout the year with events that cater to our members -of all ages-

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