Hechal Shalom Or Oziel Synagogue, fl and Synagogue Bal Harbour, prides itself with daily Minyanim all year round. We follow the Sephardic Morrocan rituals of how we pray. The Shiurim given in our synagogue are geared for everyone to enjoy and learn something that interests them. They are on all different topics ranging from Hashkafa, Halacha, Daf Yomi, Shalom Bayit, and more. We invite you to partake in our community. Sephardic Synagogue Located in Surfside, FL. Home to Jews of all Sephardic. Here are the lists of our Daily Tefillot, Shabbat Schedule, & our vast amount of Shiurim. Classes will be given in the Surfside Synagogue Hechal Shalom Or Oziel. Synagogue Surfside, Fl. Synagogue Bal Harbour. Synagogue near me.

Weekly Schedule Hechal Shalom Or Oziel


Shachrit (NETZ) 06:45am
Hodu approx 07:00am
Shachrit #2 Hodu  08:30am
Minha/Arvit 07:20pm

Monday to Friday

Shaharit 06:45am
Daf Yomi (Aprox)
2nd Shaharit 08:00am
Shiur in Spanish VIA ZOOM RECESS

shabbat shalom

Vayikra 5781  
Candle Lighting 07:13pm
Minha 06:00pm
Shir Hashirim 06:20pm
Shaharit (NETZ Minian) 06:25am
Shaharit 08:30am
Zeman Keriat Shema 09:52am
2nd Zeman Keriat Shema 10:26am
Seudat Shelishit should be done at home prior to coming to the Bet Hakenesset.  
Shiur 06:15pm
Minha – Followed by Devar Torah & Arvit 
Shabbat Ends 08:13 pm
Rabbenu Tam 08:44pm

Hechal Shalom Or Oziel Community Shiurim

Weekday Morning

Laws Nidah RECESS
Hok LeYsrael RECESS
Daf Yomi  07:50am
Shiur in Spanish RECESS
Yalkut Yosef Hilchot Shabbat RECESS

Weekday Afternoons

Shiur in Spanish – Assorted Topics RECESS
Shiur in English & Spanish After Arvit
Masechet Berachot in French IN RECESS
Shalom Bayit Classes to Women Every other Monday at 08:30pm
Shalom Bayit Classes to Men Every Wednesday at 08:30pm
Mishna Berura Dirshu Hilchot Pesah in depth  for Men Every Wednesday at 08:30pm
Shiur for Ladies – Basar Vechalav Tuesday at 02:00pm


Parasha of the Week (Short Lecture) RECESS
Parasha of the Week (Short Lecture) RECESS
Parasha of the Week – Lecture on the Parashah of the week after Kiddush RECESS
Daf Yomi Marathon RECESS
Teenager Shiur – with Isaac Benmergui RECESS
Parasha of the Week (Short Lecture) RECESS.