Image Synagogue Surfside fl

Synagogue Surfside fl

Hechal Shalom Or Oziel Synagogue Surfside fl, is a community for Jews from all over the world and especially for Jews from Morocco, Spain, France and Tunisia.

Today, Hechal Shalom Or Oziel Synagogue fl, houses Jews from Canada, Venezuela and France, mostly families of Sephardic tradition.

Our community was founded by Rabbi Yosef Oziel ZZ “L in the town of Surfside, Fl and was moved from place to place until we reached our current headquarters, where we have approximately 400 active members. Many of them are tourists, who attend the synagogue during the festivities of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

During regular Shabbats, Hechal Shalom or Oziel synagogue surfside fl, has approximately 60 to 70 people, several of which are visitors. Our synagogue is strategically located at a 1 to 2 minute walking distance from a large number of Kosher Restaurants, a Kosher Supermarket, Mikvah for Women and Mikvah for Men, as well as large hotels such as Marriot Residence Inn, Grand Beach Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Sea View Hotel, Daddy-O Hotel, Sun Harbor Boutique Hotel, among others.

Hechal Shalom Or Oziel synagogue surfside fl, is located just minutes from Bay Harbor and Bal Harbor, very close to the beach.

Our members cover all ages, children, youth and adults, mostly entrepreneurial professionals. In Hechal Shalom Or Oziel synagogue surfside fl we have programs for young adults on Shabbat, as they have their own group of prayer with a more flexible schedule. The idea is to help them each develops their potential by encouraging them to read the weekly Torah portions, Pray Shacharit, and learn some Divrei Torah amongst themselves etc. Likewise, on Sundays, the Rabbi dines with the young people and talks with them about religious matters, Thank G-d the program has been a success to the point that young people come from other communities to take part.

On Saturday afternoon, in Hechal Shalom Or Oziel synagogue, we have the Avot Ubanim program, where fathers have the opportunity once a week to sit down to study with their children assorted topics like Torah, Talmud, Musar, among many others. In case that the parents cannot join or simply do not have the time, we have separate groups for those cases where they will learn the Sephardic tones and prayers in a group atmosphere.

For our adults, we have daily classes in Hechal Shalom Or Oziel synagogue surfside fl, such as Chok Le Israel, Daf Yomi, Mishna Berura Dirshu, among others. We have classes in Spanish, French, and English. Additionally, we have classes for women once a week and events for women of the community and family events as well. Women’s classes vary in subject from Shalom Bayit, Kashrut, Halachot of Shabbat, etc.

We invite you to visit us, it will be a great pleasure to have you join us.

For more information about Hechal Shalom Or Oziel – Synagogue Surfside fl, you can check our schedules on our website or you can contact us thru our contact form section or by phone.